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Gaining Insight Through Security Visualization

While still immature, the Security Vizualisation field has quite the potential to change the way we analyze the mounds of (ever-growing) data that security and network devices as well as applications and operating systems produce.

Instead of sifting through text and using the usual arsenal of tools (grep, perl, sed, awk...) to parse it, filter it and normalize it into yet other text for which our visual system is not well suited, Security Vizualisation leverages our eyes and brain as powerful, parallel pattern seekers to create graph that aid us in isolating patterns, finding hidden relationships or making sense out of dull-looking, seemingly boring data. As Raffael Marty said:

A picture is worth a thousand log records


To put it simply, Security Vizualisation allows to transform data into information into insight. But remember that this is still a very young field and there are quite numerous pitfalls. Also, industrial-grade tools are very rare. I've introduced this field and presented two real world examples where I leveraged the power of Security Visualization for problem solving in a talk I gave yesterday at the January 2010 monthly meeting of OSSIR Paris. The slides are available online.

Gaining Insight Through Security Visualization | Misc, I.T. | Saâd Kadhi

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