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Exploit ID: CAU-EX-2008-0002
Release Date: 2008.07.23
Title: bailiwicked_host.rb
Description: Kaminsky DNS Cache Poisoning Flaw Exploit
Tested: BIND 9.4.1-9.4.2
Attributes: Remote, Poison, Resolver, Metasploit
Exploit URL: http://www.caughq.org/exploits/CAU-EX-2008-0002.txt
Author/Email: I)ruid <druid (@) caughq.org>
H D Moore <hdm (@) metasploit.com>


This exploit targets a fairly ubiquitous flaw in DNS implementations
which allow the insertion of malicious DNS records into the cache of the
target nameserver. This exploit caches a single malicious host entry
into the target nameserver. By causing the target nameserver to query
for random hostnames at the target domain, the attacker can spoof a
response to the target server including an answer for the query, an
authority server record, and an additional record for that server,
causing target nameserver to insert the additional record into the

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